Thursday, November 24, 2016

26 km shuffle

This entry is a few days delayed due to IP problems...sorry.  Anyway, this was our training on Nov. 17th.

26 km running course (all pavement, with 280m elevation gain), Shinwa Town, Amakusa.
Strong north winds again made flying out of the question again on this otherwise nice day. Determined to practice the 'ultra-marathon shuffle', we set out on this longish course.

In the end we were able to run the entire loop with ease, at a controlled pace of 7:15 per kilometer (we were actually aiming for 7:30 or 8 km/h).  The whole run took 3h 09m, and apparently burned 1300 calories.

Much of the course is along the seaside, with pleasant views across the Hachiman Straits along the quiet, coastal road.

In the end, no sore muscles, no sore joints or feet.  Is it possible to run all day like this carrying a 10 kg backpack too?

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