Saturday, December 3, 2016

The X-Athlon MTB Course

Feeling leg muscle fatigue and fearing over-training, today we did a leisurely circuit of the Amakusa X-Athlon MTB course with a friend who is relatively new to MTB.  The X-Athlon is a race we organize here at Kuratake, Japan, every summer and includes sea-kayaking, SUP, MTB, trail running, and a paraglider pylon race. The MTB course is about 20 km long and includes 650 m of climbing and a single-track downhill we built ourselves.

Climbing up

Terumi practicing her technique

Leanne has it dialed
Yours truly
The downhill course was pretty worked-over by the ubiquitous wild boars, but still rideable.  It was a pleasure to come back here after not riding for a while.  But, our legs did not get as much rest as we thought they would today!

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