Saturday, April 15, 2017

Support from KUMADEN and YAESU

Local ham radio shop KUMADEN and prominent ham equipment maker YAESU are supporting me with a high-tech transceiver and accessories for use during the X-Alps.  The transceiver (FT2D) is equipped, among other things, with GPS and APRS capability.  APRS is ham radio's version of live-tracking and will add a layer of confidence, security, and safety to my race.  Besides being live-tracked on the internet, my supporters will also get real-time data about my position, transmitted to them directly over ham frequencies (and hence independent of the cell-phone network).  They will be able to tell at a glance how many kilometers I am from the support car, in what direction, as well as further information about my rate of progress.

The transciever has a dual tuner, which means it's actually two transcievers in one.  It can tune to virtually any frequency from sub-AM band to 1GHz, so that I can listen in on the European weather beacons while still having a channel open to talk to my supporters.

Thank you KUMADEN and YAESU for your support!

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