Thursday, March 2, 2017

ICARO Transalp Helmet

Leanne and I already own ICARO 4fight full-face helmets, and are rather satisfied with them after 2 or 3 expensive lemons we managed to buy as we were learning the sport.  So a couple of weeks ago we shouted out to the good folks at ICARO for sponsoring my X-Alps effort with the ultra-light Transalp Helmet. An enthusiastic "Yes" came back almost immediately and a week later, an incredibly lightweight package was delivered to our door.  All I had to do was ask!  At less than 400 grams, the helmet is feather-light, comfortable, and looks great too.  What's more, I noticed that the wind noise in flight is much reduced compared to any other helmet I've tried.  For the first time I could hear everything that my tandem passenger way saying in flight.

Thanks a million, ICARO! Not only for the wonderful helmet, but for your enthusiasm and hassle-free, no-strings-attached approach, which also saved us a lot of time and effort during a busy time.  You really put your money where your mouth is!  Now have another essential piece of top-notch equipment that will help me perform my best in the X-Alps!

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