Sunday, January 29, 2017

Here Comes Full Stall Practice!

I believe it was Cody Mittanck on Gavin McClurg's Cloudbase Mayhem who said a full stall has to be done at least 300 times to have any usefulness in acro or XC emergency situations.  He convincingly explained why doing it 20 or 30 times in SIV class is not enough; in fact, SIV can lead to more trepidation as it exposes the pilot to the reality of things that can go wrong without the opportunity to master these skills.  Well, I already thought all these things before, but now I've become reluctantly convinced that it's time for serious practice.  So, as of today, 5 down, 295 to go!  Note I am doing these on the Delta 2 so far, not the M6.  The full stall on the Delta is very easy to handle. I'll progress onto the M6 when I get a bit more control and can do smooth deep stalls.

Full Stall Video <= click here to watch video, can't seem to make a proper video link.

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